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Database tricks

I have a database for transactions by date. In this database I keep the track of the balance after each transactions as well.
Would it be possible to show the balance in the end of each day on bubble chart?
I don’t want to use transactions to calculate the balance in the end of each day but somehow with a formula plot the last balance of each day or month on a chart.

I don’t know of any Bubble way to do this. In SQL it would easily be achieved with “group by having max” … but this is Bubble :slight_smile:

I made a plugin for my purposes for something similar (though it is max value, not max date).

If you can’t get it working any other way, ping me and I will add “max date” to this plugin. Disclaimer - it’s a commercial plugin but for you, I’ll authorise your app for free. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone will come up with a better idea, and there is an easier way to solve this. :man_shrugging:

Group by hours is even more painful in Bubble :slight_smile: and I have this

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Hi there, @rasam9026… you are probably better off taking advantage of Lindsay’s offer to modify his plugin and give it to you for free. That being said, it wouldn’t be difficult to do what you described if you had a field in the Transaction data type that identifies the last transaction of each day. It could be as simple as having a yes/no field that defaults to yes, and when a new transaction is created for the same day as the previous transaction, set the previous transaction’s yes/no field to no.

With the field I mentioned above in place, creating a chart to show the balance at the end of each day would be as simple as this.

Now, maybe that seems too hacky or you just don’t want to add an extra field (which is something I am never opposed to doing, but opinions vary on that concept), and if that is the case, you have Lindsay’s offer. But, I didn’t think it could hurt to throw my suggestion out there as food for thought, and I hope it helps.


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Yes that will work … and easy to implement …

I add extra fields to Bubble tables all the time as workarounds … :upside_down_face:

More WU usage with hacky workarounds …

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Hmm, what’s WU? :wink:

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Thanks for the answer. It is a great workaround but the problem is then I only have the last transaction for the day and not for the month or any other date period.
It would be great to have a general solution to be able to even give the customization to the user to choose which period to see in a chart

Sounds great Lindsay and thanks for the offer I would definitely accept the offer with pleasure.
I will also think about moving my database to MySQL but at the moment I am thinking how to connect users from Bubble to an external database with security measures on