Database values disappearing / Toolbox

Hey bubblers,

I’m using the toolbox plugin to resolve a expression with javascript and then record the resulting integer on bubble database, but most of the times this recorded value just disappears from the database with no reason, sometimes i do the same procedure and the result is recorded.

In my app some parameters are parsed through a popup and used to perform this calculation, and i can see on the back of the popup the repeating group getting updated with the correct value and the disappearing (the values are missing in the database too, not in the repeating group only).

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When you say record … what does this mean? … more precisely how are you recording to the dB?

What im trying to do is basically get some inputs from the user, calculate some formulas using js with the toolbox plugin and then store the result value on the db

Calculating the formulas and returning the value on the bubble_fn_pts(pontos) function.

Getting the result from the “Js to bubble” element to the db.

When i try to store this value on the bubble db but most of the times it disapears.

Do you know some other way of doing this type of process on bubble?


I take it that ultimos pontos is a number field.

Other than that I suggest you create a custom event and the make changes to user there. Then, schedule it 10 seconds later to allow time for the js action to do its thing and have a value.

That may do the trick


Yes, ultimos pontos is a fied number.

I tried using some delay but i think that is not the problem, the js generates de result almost instantaneously, i have a repeating group showing the db values, and the resulting value enters the database and 1 second after it disapears.

Maybe bubble is deleting them for some unknown reason that i cannot find.


Create a thing to hold that value and thereafter update the user object with that thing.

This might work

Tried this too, same result, but after some time trying different solutions, finally found the right one.

The best solution is to use the “trigger event” option and move the db interaction to the custom event workflow.

Thank you so much for your attention.