Data pulled from javascript call is transient in database

I have an issue that I am at a complete loss to explain. I have been trying to do something using the JavaScript to Bubble plugin from @mishav I got it all set up and was writing data to a type and not seeing the data pulled from the JavaScript appear. I spent time thinking it was the JavaScript, and adding debugging measures and slowly realized the JavaScript was getting the data, the Plugin was giving Bubble the data, and amazingly, the data was getting to the database…and then disappearing.

I created a stripped down version of what i was doing to eliminate external factors and it still happens.

My example provides two ways to Create a thing. The first one lets you enter a value in an input and click save, where a workflow sets the value of a custom state to a string, then create a new things with two fields, the value of the custom state and the value of the input. It works fine and you can see the new thing in a repeating group I put on the page.

The second way does the same thing as the first, BUT, when the workflow sets the custom state, if sets it with data it gets from some javascript. The create action happens the same and the thing gets created. You can see in the repeating group that a new thing with BOTH values gets created…and a second or two later, the value that came from the custom state…DISAPPEARS. It only happens the first time you load the page, but it happens consistently.

Here is the example:

and here is the editor:

Does ANYONE have the first clue what could be happening here?

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