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Database View not showing up?

Database view is basically the “database structure” of Bubble right?

I know that there is a default database view titled “View all…” for every data type. But I made a mistake of deleting one and it deleted everything.

So I created new database view… But it is not showing up on the list. Im not sure if this is a glitch or not.

When i create a dattabase view, it doesnt show up on the side. And sometimes when i add an entry, it doesnt even update.

You shouldn’t be able to delete the “View All” database view, so that would be a bug if you can.

The “view” is just that … a view. Not that actual structure.

How do i get back the default database views? I was able to delete it. If itts just a view, where is the database structure stored? How do you data stored on the server?

Can you email [email protected] for this? We just pushed a change there, so there could be a glitch

I found exactly the same thing happened last night

Gents has an answer been found for this as my views are still in the same position ?

Did you email support?

Interesting. I too am having this issue (about 24hrs now), so it is not just me :grin:

I’ve sent an email to support last night about this issue @stevebailey so I can confirm that support knows of this issue.