Database VS Custom States: NEED FOR SPEED

I’ve been scratching my head a lot on this: Are custom states faster to search upon than directly in the database?

Right now, when my app loads, I affect all the records of a specific thing to a custom state. Whenever I need to find a specific record I do a CustomState’thing:filtered action.

Is it really faster than simply doing a do a search directly in the database since custom states are pointer to the database?

I need the fastest possible way to do this!


I have the exact same question. Any help would be appreciated.

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This depends. Is the database you are searching in holding a ton of records? If so, in some cases that might be slower. But if you store entries on for example a user then use the :filtered option it’ll probably be faster.

What does your custom state hold? What is held in the CustomState’thing:filtered action?