Date and Time Picker, Just time?

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I was wondering if there is a way to just use the time section of a date and time picker? I am tracking attendance and its a bit cumbersome to track date and time. Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 10.43.37 PM

As you see in this image, it asks for a date and time, however, before that popup opened, they picked a specific date, so it would be redundant to have to enter the date again.

I am using a date field in the DB because I do calculations off of the information. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi @ben4

The actual workaround is to hide the date part with a shape and perform the calculation with the previous date.

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Hey there, @ben4… if it helps, the Air Date/Time Picker plugin has an option to only show the time picker, so maybe that could be a way to go.


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I make my own time picker…you can create a set of options or add the data as a data type for times of days…

time picker


Hi Boston, would you be willing to share the editor for that? I was wondering whether to have the times set as a date vs a number, and it’s interesting you have both text and number. How do you convert that to a date? Or is there no need to do that?

For me, I have timeslots set up with startdates and isavailable. For me, we’re not changing the time interval, we’re just using 15 min.

It’s really surprising that Bubble doesn’t have any sort of time data type.

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Sorry I can’t share the editor.

I convert things to date when saving a date, can’t turn a time to a date itself. So when saving a date using a date picker of some kind, I ‘change the hours’ to the hour number of my time picker. I also ‘change the minutes’ to the minute number of my time picker.

I am not using time slots in the same way as you are. For me time slots are only used as a means for picking times and having nothing to do with a meeting or availability of something.

I use this method now…

time picker

I am using a number and a text value because the text values are used for the display of the time. Numbers are used to calculate the total minutes and total seconds to help with sorting but also to turn dates to be stored with selected times.


@boston85719 :slight_smile: I like the looks of what you last posted, but from what I gather, you are not using date values?

No, it is not using date values, just numbers to represent time. I was responding to the idea of the thread title for ‘Just Time’

In practice, once the user has selected the time, if I want to attach it to a date, I do, by simply using some date value and changing the hour, and minutes values to equal those selected in the Time Picker

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@boston85719 AHAHAH. It must be late, I didn’t go there at all. I am sitting here shaking my head. Thank you!

@boston85719 great looking dropdowns. what plugin did you use to make them?

Thank you


oh wow ok. but what element did you use if you don’t mind me asking? I use the dropdown element below, which is not very configurable…


ohh I think I see it now… this is not a “drop down”, it resides in the page itself… probably simply a group that you toggle I suppose… ok sorry for the confusion, thanks

you can look here