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I am applying a formula to my date and time picker to show the next date that an item price will be valid till, which is 6 months from the current date, but I need it to show the end of the month.

For example - I have a valid from date picker and a valid till date picker. I am adding 6 months to each one, but it adds exactly 6 months. So 6 months from the 30th of Sept, becomes the 30th of March, but there are 31 days in March so I am needing to show that. How do i construct a condition or formula to make this happen? Currently my formula has ‘+ month 6’ on the end of it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there, @justincswork… if I understand your post correctly, this expression should do the trick.




Hi @mikeloc, thank you for that, it has worked perfectly. I don’t understand how it works, so if you are able to give me a quick explanation for my learning I would appreciate it.

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RTFM please

I’m sorry? I don’t understand what you are asking.


Thanks Keith,
I have to say that is well and truely uncalled for, I have looked at the manual and I was having a bit of a hard time understanding what it was saying, so thought maybe @mikeloc who was kind enough to help me work out my issue, may also be kind enough to give me a more detailed explanation of how this specific formula works. If they do not want to then I guess they will not answer my question and I will attempt to decipher how it works for myself, probably taking more time than it would have if someone was kind enough to provide me with an explanation.
With all that in mind and as I was specifically talking to @mikeloc and not your clearly gumpy and unhelpful abusive self, I will politely ask you to refrain from commenting on things that you were not asked to comment on.

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Not going to happen.

Damnit, Keith… can’t a guy get some sleep without you screwin’ up the whole operation?!? :wink:

@justincswork… the expression always gets the last day of the 6th month from the date picker’s value by going out 7 months from the value, rounding down to the first day of the 7th month, and then subtracting 1 day to get the last day of the 6th month.

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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the explanation. That makes it clearer than what I was finding in the manual.

Thanks for your help.

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