Date periodic reminder

How can I set a periodic reminder automatically, based on dates? For example, I want an user to receive an alert message every 5th of each month.

This should do it.


Thanks Scott. I read the entire early documentation. But I still do not know how to make this happen after setting the endpoint and its action(s); for example the 5th of every month. Can you give me an example of how you will write this expression for the schedule date?

I haven’t ran it myself, but give this a try.


So this runs an API (“offline”) workflow.

You could update User data or send an email etc.

If you want an alert on a page you would then need to trigger something on the page. So maybe on page load look for an outstanding notification on the user and have a pop up.

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Hi @Scott . How does it work for periodic reminders that run every 7 days or every first Monday of the month, please? I want to send push notification reminders from my app to users for an event that happens every Tuesday by 8am and every first Monday of the month by 6pm. In order words, they will recur but I don’t have any fixed dates I can just set up, especially since they go on continuously year-round. Thanks in advance!