How to create recurring dates

I’m trying to figure out how to create recurring dates in Bubble. My APP has this flow:

The user selects an event (it’s a data type, but you can abstract that), sets a start date and a repetition frequency (weekly, monthly…).

I would like to show the subsequential dates after the start date with the correct frequency in a list. I saw that there is a paid plugin for that but I would like to learn how can I build something from scratch.

Hi @leonardoh481 ,
I haven’t tried this, but off the top of my head you could try something like
selected date +(days): current cell's index
Like that:
Zrzut ekranu 2021-08-10 o 00.07.46

Hey @leonardoh481 :wave:

This kind of work, in bubble, can be tough. I have a plugin designed just for this that takes the struggle out! It allows for the creation of recurrences and filtered time slots easily! Think Calendly or the ability to set schedules for a shift and find the worker who is available during that time!

There’s not a lot of documentation yet, mostly in the forums but there are a few good examples and in always available for support via DM or the forum!

Thanks Alan! But how can I create a list of it? Like, if I want to get all the subsequencial dates starting from now until December, for example, and show it in a list considering the frequency (weekly, monthly). How can I do that?

How can I test??

I can set you up on a free trial if you want. Just DM for more details to get it going!