Date Picker Empty

I have two date/time pickers that initially display today’s date & time.
However, until I actually select a data and a time the date pickers stay empty (even though they actually display the date).
Below are two screenshots.
(1) This is the first date picker on loading.
(2) Here you can see an empty dynamic input field.
(3) Only after I have picked both the date and time in the top date picker does the input field show the date/time.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.


Date pickers and inputs are both data-input elements. They are there so users can enter or change data.

If you want them to display and hold a value without the user actually entering something themselves in each of them … then you need to set their default value/ initial value to what you want. Example: set a date picker to have a default value / initial value of today’s date by entering “current date value”.

Hi cmarchan
Thanks for your prompt response, however I still cannot figure it out.
I have set the “Initial content” as shown below. But that doesn’t seem to set the value.
It just displays it to the user but the user still has to enter both date and time.
Mostly users will be setting the data range for the current day, so I was hoping to save them a couple of unneccessary clicks.
Thanks, Mark.

Hi again
I went a bit further with my testing and tripped up again.
I have set the “Enable modification through dragging” (see below).
But if I drag a booking the date period is deleted in the database.
If I could trouble you to also advise me regarding that 2nd issue I’ll be most grateful.
Many thanks, Mark.