Date picker glitch?

My date picker is displaying stranger behavior. As seen below



For some reason, when the date picker is clicked on, it opens the box that allows a user to select a date way higher up(out of frame) on the screen. I can’t figure out why it’s doing this.

So far to trouble shoot:

-I’ve attempted resizing it
-I’ve attempted making the group it’s in bigger
-I’ve attempted to take it out of the group it’s in completely
-I’ve attempted deleting it completely and recreating the date selector

None of them are solving the issue. Now, the really confusing part is I have date selectors elsewhere on my website and they seem to be working fine. The only difference between this one and those, is this one is on a pop up.

Any ideas?

Didn’t someone else report something similar recently (or was that also you)? Might be a bug. Submit a bug report, I think.

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Yes other reports have been filed there are a few issues going on with date picker, on Android the years will not scroll.

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Tried running w/o external HTML? We pushed a fix for this bug 2 weeks ago. Please submit a bug report if you are still seeing it.

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Bug report was submitted.

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