DATE PICKER - question

Hello, I need to build an app that will have different companies’ sales in different dates.

I will upload the data of the sales, in a “one-per-week” horizon (one day by each week). So, all the other days of the week (6) won’t have any data.

In a date/time picker; how can I make to build a picker that selects only the date that have data; or if the user selects one day that doesn’t have data, bubble “re-select” the closer date (that has data)?



Thank you for your post! At the moment, our date/time picker only supports a minimum / maximum date to limit the days available for selection, which may not be the best fit if you’re looking to show one day per week rather than a window of a few weeks/months. This would be an excellent idea to share on our Ideaboard which allows you to submit feature requests and also vote on ideas that other users have shared. Our product team also regularly monitors this and uses it to inform our roadmap. In the meantime, there may be third-party plugins with date/time pickers that support additional customizations.

You would want to create a custom calendar using a RG to do that. Maybe there is a calendar plugin that could do something like that. @jared.gibb does your plugin have a function that @realtimb6 would be able to use to resolve his issue?

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thanks for reaching out @boston85719
hmmm… potentially.

@realtimb6 do you plan to do the data on a fixed day of the week for each company?

I feel like a calendar would be nice for this. but

it also sounds like a performance review app I’ve put together that uses a timeline chart. I upload the data of performance scores in a once per week manner. then I view the data in a timeline chart.

do you have a visual example of what you are trying to build, either from your app or another on the internet?

using a calendar, you could simply filter the calendar events for each given company, save sales data as a calendar event

this is the possible event model in terms of total editable fields. each of the starred fields could hold a piece of information or even a reference number to another database entry that has lots more pieces of information.

it will not find the closest date if the date you select has no events to see.

I fee like the easiest solution would be to create a list of dates in which data was submitted, filtered by the relevant company. I would use that as the data source for a drop down.

@jared.gibb Ok! thanks for your answer.

I will follow your recommendations and see what can I make.
Thank you!

If that doesn’t work, I am working on a simple calendar element that simply highlights dates that have some kind of event on them. Similar to a full calendar idea but with information hidden and only appearing with an on click event in a bubble element. Essentially it’s a fancy add date picker that tells you which dates are worth clicking on. If that sounds interesting I can loop you in when that’s ready.

You would be able to see what dates have some kind of data associated with them. Click on that date and either retrieve the appropriate associated information immediately from the element or be able to retrieve at least a unique ID to find a database entry holding the appropriate information