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Date only displaying times

Hi Everyone,

Just ran into something with our app. We have a date picker set up to display a date only, and 24 hours + current date, and max of 1 week. The data is saving in the data base as expected demonstrated below:

However, when the information about this is displayed dynamically, at least in an email, it is putting a time of 7am with the date.

This is not good as we display a time below this for pickup/delivery, and having 2 different times would be confusing to customers.

The dynamic data is set up to display the content of that field, which only has a date:

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Format the date.

Result of step 1’s date: formatted as… and you can customize it to remove the time.

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that worked. I think I set that up on another workflow, but not this one. Didn’t realize I needed to do it again.

How about this one: The workflow for return date isn’t scheduling it. The workflow seems to be set up correctly:

but, the data that is actually saved is nothing:

the schedule date is saving just fine.

OH! I bet I need to set another workflow, after this one. Because the return date is established the same time that the schedule date is saved, I mean in the same workflow. So I would need ANOTHER work flow, AFTER the scheduled date is saved, to create a return date. Is this correct?

Thank you Gaby!