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Date Range / Date Picker No Overlapping

Hi, after spending quite a few hours on this issue I am asking for help ! I am sharing a test app that shows the case :

Basically a user creates events with starting and ending dates (date range is saved in event thing) and a list of events is displayed in a repeating group.

Since events must not be overlapping, I am trying to figure out how to let user edit an event from the list and check if the new date range is overlapping another existing event.

Main problem is that using the overlapping function in the repeating group the condition is always true, since the current event overlaps itself.

The best solution should be showing in the date picker only the available dates to be picked up, but I really cannot find a way to achieve this.

Anybody can help me ? Thanks

Hi Stefanof,
I am looking for a way to disable dates according to the bookings too.
Has anyone a solution ?

What you can do is to follow the course of Brent, Create a marketplace app : : .
You will be able to set unavailable dates manually and then do a search according to dates that have not the “dates not available”.

I think there is a way to manage it with the calendar but I am looking for it too :frowning:

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