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Restrict overlapping entries on calendar

Continuing the discussion from Date Range/Calendar No overlapping:

I tried your steps to figure out a way to get it working for me, but then I believe my use case is a bit different from yours. I have an events type with Booking start time and Booking End time as fields to display. Now I want to run the same algorithm of disallowing duplicate events. How do I go about it?

If you want to disallow overlapping events, you should do a Search for Events, similar to the one shown in the linked post, that filters for overlapping time ranges. You may also want to create a time range field on your Events object that goes from the Start Time to the End Time (that updates at the same time as those fields do). I would check to see if that Search expression is empty to allow the action to continue.

If you want to disallow duplicately timed events, you should do a Search for Events that have the same start date and same end date. You wouldn’t really need to use the range function for this one. The former is more broad though and is more likely what you’re looking for.


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This works if I’m asking “can I book 3pm to 5pm?” (Then I search to make sure 3pm to 5pm does not overlap with the date range of any existing appts)

but what if I just want to show all available openings? every spot that day that can fit a 2 hour block

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