Date/Time Picker Minimum Hour

Hello Everyone,

I’ve got an issue with the Date/Time Picker minimum hour value, which is not working out for me. I’m building an app to log downtime events. In simple terms, an event is logged with a start date/time and an end date/time.


I’m trying to limit the Date/Time Up to be greater than the Date/Time Down. My problem is with the minimum hour. If the Date/Time Up is on the same day as the Date/Time Down, the hour selection should be limited to greater than the Down time selection. On the other hand, if it’s on a future date, the hour selection should not have a limit.

I tried putting conditions such as “When DatePickerUp’s value:extract date is DatePickerDown’s Value:extract date”, but it seems the date picker only records the value once the the time is selected.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mark,

Since these are two different date pickers try setting a group to save the value of the first date picker and then use the second date picker to reference that value.

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