Date/Time Picker - Search For... only returns exactly Three Months of data

date/time picker (no constraints) and a repeating group (no constraints). RG Layout style (doesn’t matter).

Works as expected up to 3 months. Meaning any date in October, November and December returns data. If I Pick September (Aug, June etc) no data is returned.

Are you sure there is data available for the other months? Checked live vs test DB? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sorting the RG? Is it a full list or a fixed number of cells?

Hi Vincent, Yes data is there, and I tested each RG setting - Full List, Fixed, etc. Its definitely a 3 month “limit” , that I’m 99% sure of, its not 90 days etc. Oct, Nov, Dec. works from Sept. back is “empty”.

Well there shouldn’t be a limit like that so if you could share the app, forum users can have a look.