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I have a repeating group filtered by date time picker and i see this issue but i need filtered by range of 1 week max, right now my app search into my all data, but i dont know how do it

Your page has downloaded more than 2.1 megabytes of data via searches. This can slow down your app, you could look into simplifying it to download less data.

That advanced filter is killing you. You should be able to put the “Fecha de reserva = Date/timePicker A’s value” in the “Search for Reservas” parameters.

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Instead of using the :filtered operator, you just put your constraint in the original search.

Your data source becomes:

Search for Reservas

Then you just build your constraint in the Search dialog. Example:

Note: There are some advanced constraints that cannot be built in the Search dialog and, in those cases, you need to use :filtered and the “Advanced” condition.

But, in general, you should do as much constraining as possible in the Search itself.


Thank you, its working fine :smiley:

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