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Date triggered text message

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to send my self a text message based on a date and time. I’m currently using the ClickSend SMS plugin and it works upon hitting a button, but I need to trigger a specific message from an input field within a given time frame, but the specific time frame has to be random.

For example, I want to trigger the text message with the data from the input field at any random time between 7:15 and 7:29 PM each day, Monday to Friday.

Is this possible?

This should be possible through a scheduled api workflow👍

@marcello1 I know that the likelihood of you still needing help with this is long gone but I am throwing it out there just in case. I found a company that handles exactly this and you can use it with the Personal Plan in Bubble. Here is the link for the api workflow ( Yardillo API Documentation (yardillo-yardillo-default) | RapidAPI ). Milind is the owner and can help get this feature working. I know because I just completed the process with him and it works beautifully!!