Send SMS - X days or X hours before chosen date

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you to everyone here that contributes. I’m very new to the app building world and the thought processes behind that go with it.

I’ve spent the last week or so going thru all the incredible forum info along with the lessons and video tutorials made by @romanmg, @copilot and the Bubble team.

With gratitude to you all.

I’m hoping someone can help me with a question about using dates and scheduling a SMS.

My use case would be:
User chooses a delivery date --> Confirmation SMS sent --> 1 day before the delivery date they get a reminder SMS with a choice (url) to change the date. --> The day of delivery the delivery driver can trigger a final SMS that he is on the way.

I was able to get Twilio and Bubble working for the initial SMS thanks to Cobubble free guide. Beyond that I have no idea how to trigger an SMS based on delivery date minus a day.

Thank you

edit** forgot to give a shout out to @NigelG

Hey @anish,

It’s great to see the community members like you take more advantage of complex features and integrations! Though services like Twilio are great for executing on the delivering of text messages, they don’t always have the more case-specific features that you may be looking for. Many of the times, you’ll the features live right within Bubble and just need to be setup. Since you’re looking to schedule events to have in the future, you should aim towards integrating API Workflows. Whereas regular workflows may be triggered through an event like a button click, API Workflows can be executed through means such as scheduling.

Taking your use case as an example, here’s how you could tackle it using API Workflows:

  1. Enable API Workflows through your project’s Settings > API tab.

  2. Visit the API Workflows page via your Page Selector at the top-left of your Editor.

  3. Create an API Workflow, naming it as you’d like and requiring the parameters you need.

  4. Add all your actions like the Send texts and calls with Twilio plugin’s Send text message call.

  5. Schedule your created API Workflow via Workflows > Custom Events > Schedule API Workflow as many times as you’d like, with the important field being ‘Scheduled Date’ which you can manipulate using any of the date modules. For example, Order’s Delivery Date + days: -2.

It’s a good idea to save the ID generated by the scheduling action using ‘Result of step…’ as it can be used to cancel a scheduled API Workflow if necessary. There’s quite a lot you can do with API Workflows, this being just one example! Try the Mastering APIs course if you’re interested in learning more about APIs in general and how they can really help bolster and extend your platform. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much for your quick reply. I will spend tonight and tomorrow taking a look at API Workflows and will probably come back with a few questions afterwords.

Thank you for the invitation to your Mastering API’s course. I found that page this morning and signed up and have bookmarked it. As soon as I’m done with @romanmg videos and the 2 Udemy courses I will probably end up buying the whole page. :slight_smile:

With gratitude.

@anish did you get this figured out? Going through all the courses, videos, and forum posts I can on the topic, could use some help :slight_smile:

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