DateDiff returns formatted range

Hello, is there a DateDiff function or something similar in Bubble that returns the difference between 2 dates, in a formatted range e.g.
DateTimeA-DateTimeB = x Days, y Hours, z Minutes (5 Days, 9 Hours, 32 Minutes)?

Thanks in advance

Hi there, @nate9… here is an example that uses the current user’s modified date and creation date to produce the days, hours, and minutes between those dates.


Oh, and if you haven’t already enabled the experimental parentheses feature, you should do that first.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Mike, the parentheses helped a lot and exactly what I needed.

The solution itself was/is a lot more complicate. Your solution above works if you are looking for the absolute days / hours / minutes between 2 dates.

I was looking for the difference between 2 dates broken down into the days/hours/minute e.g. if you get the difference between 2 dates – you might get 24.78999 Days the .78999 equates to 18.9597 Hours and the 9597 equates to: 57 minutes. Therefor 24.789999 Days should read: 24 Days 18 Hours 57 Minutes

I got it working in the end.

Thanks for your time and effort to provide a solution.

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