Dates in repeating group


I create pick-up locations by pick-up date, such as Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun. I created a repeating group to show the pick-up location details, and now I would like to show the date for each location in the last 7 days. So If the pickup location is Wed, I would like to show the date as Wed 11/16, and if the pickup location is Fri date is Fri 11/18, and so on. How can I achieve this task in a repeating group?
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Hello cmarchan,
Thank you for the suggestion, but I would like to take a different route to achieve this task.
For instance, I would like to show all pick-up location for the current week. but I would like to tell which date of the week is. So if its Wed I would like to show the date 11/16. Here is the repeating group for the week. AND I always want to show the last 7 days.

Any suggestion?

Use numbers to designate the day of the week. :date extract 1 … Sunday is 0, Monday is 1 and so on … when expressed in numbers.

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