How to display data based on specific weeks?

I wonder how to approach this - I need to recreate the image below, I will display info in repeating group(s) but on the left I need to section the rows into ‘this week’, ‘week2’, ‘week3’ etc.

The user needs to be able to show more weeks or go back a view expired weeks. I can’t show show the first week using ‘current date/time +7 days’ because a week start date shouldn’t change if you view it again tomorrow … it needs to be like a calendar where skipping forward a week retains the week start dates.

Any ideas appreciated.

Quick idea:

I assume each record (line item) has a *date to represent the week they’re in. You can use the “Group by” function to group records by the date. I believe you can group by the specific week using the “Group by” function. The function should return a list of dates/weeks. That would be your first repeating group.

Inside your first repeating group, you should have a 2nd repeating group to list all of the records that are within the current cell’s week.

In terms of making the first week the current week, that should be quite simple after you have a solid setup.

Apologies for not going deeper into this. I’m a little time restricted. Hope this pushes you in the right direction.


Thank you @dbevan , that gives me something to think about and try.

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You can extract the week from current date and time

Will it extract the week from the beginning of the calendar week, or will it just look at previous 7 days?

Calendar week

Ok thank you.

I BELIE it also works for Created date and modified date