+days example needed for me to understand

I am a example-kind-of-guy, so I need an example to get the understanding going…

I have an icon that change color based on the condition “if todays date is later than the users input date” it changes to red.

I also want it to change to yellow if todays date is less than x days before the users input date.
How do I finish the sentence? (example in image underneath)

I also guess this second condition should be at the button, so the first one (red) fires first when the todays dates is later than the users input date.


Today is 27/2
Next_Tjeck_Date is 26/2
So if 26/2 < 27/2 make it red :+1:


Today is 27/2
Next_Tjeck_Date is 28/2
So if 28/2 <= 27/2 + 1 day make it yellow

Put it all together …

Next_Tjeck_Date < Current Date = Red
Next_Tjeck_Date <= Current Date + 1 = Yellow

Bubble operates from Top to Bottom in condition priority. So even though they are BOTH true, the one that will fire if the date < today is the Red.

Now…at some point you are going to think “yeah, but what about the TIME ?”

But not now … get that bit working first !

To make it quantise to DAYS rather than 24 hours … use the “Set Seconds to :0” "Set Minutes to :0 and “Set Hours to 0” for both dates. That puts then both at midnight and will flip over as the day changes.

The condition will look quite long !

Thanks for feedback
I seems I can’t put +1 into the sentence. It just removes it.
And there is also not a <=

I found the solution. :slight_smile:
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
I needed to change the order of red/yellow condition & build my sentence differently.

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