DIfference in dates as condition?

Hi all,

I’m having trouble completing a conditional action. There are two types of date on an input form (using the standard bubble date / time picker), date 1 and date 2.

I’m trying to set a condition whereby a submit button will only show the next group if date 2 is after date 1. I (somewhat naively) tried a condition of "only when date1’s value < date2’s value, but this hasn’t worked at all.

Please could someone help with this issue? It would really help me out :slight_smile:

p.s. I’m new to bubble, really impressed with how friendly and helpful the community is, so thanks for everyone’s help so far!



Your expression is correct. So your problem lies elsewhere. Did you forget to check the box next to “this element is visible” in your condition?

Thanks a lot for your reply Keith, it’s actually a condition in a workflow action, to show a popup if the condition is met only. On preview the popup just appears regardless of what the dates are, so it’s definitely visible. Below is my condition, is there anything wrong with it?



It must work… Try with 2 ‘date time picker’ and make manually a check. Try to display first the result, and then popup action. As @keith said, must be elsewhere. Welcome to Bubble btw. :slight_smile:

edit: yes I read your post after! :slight_smile:

Hi mate,

Yeah they’re both coming from date / time picker values

I’ve had a similar problem comparing dates. Got very frustrated and decided to leave it for a while in case I was just doing something stupid… But this post supports my belief that maybe something with date comparisons acts rather strangely…

@edwardfrost037 Welcome to Bubble! :slight_smile: As everyone’s said, the Date 1 value < Date 2 value expression looks correct. Can you temporarily share a link to the app editor so we can take a look at the elements/workflow? (You can temporarily set your app to public by going to Settings --> General --> Application Rights: Anyone can view. Then copy+paste the editor’s URL into a new forum reply here)

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