(+days) server side and daylight saving time

Hi all !

I want to create some records (“working days”) server side, that include a date. One “working day” per day, the date being that of the corresponding day.
I am using an API workflow server side, that creates a new record based on the latest one (highest date), the new date being calculated from the previous date, adding 1 day:

This works well except at the time we change clocks (daylight saving). At that time the result of the addition is wrong, it has 1 hour too many. Below is a screenshot of the calculated dates, left column is displayed in UTC and right column is displayed in my local time zone (France). I would expect the UTC values to always have hours at 00, which is not the case:

The text element to display UTC date/time:

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
As far as I know the (+day) works well client side.

Thanks for your help.

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I would agree that this seems to be a bug so I would recommend to open a bug report

Thanks, I created a bug report.

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I finally understood what’s going on here. This is not a bug!
The (+days) function is executed under the user’s time zone, so it is absolutely normal that the result of this operation keeps the hours constant in the user’s time zone, regardless of any daylight savings time change. As a result the hours as displayed in UTC format change at the daylight saving time change.
To achieve what need (i.e. constant hours in UTC), I will instead use the (+hours) operation with multiples of 24h.

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