DB Schema Extract

I would like the facility to extract the schema for the database, as the project becomes more complex, I would like to visualise the relationships between the tables etc.

I don’t know what format this could be in, but if it is in whatever your backend db uses, then I’m sure I can get my hands on a visualiser to import it into, or maybe even my VS tools will do it.



A SQL download similar to how myPhpAdmin exports SQL (or xml or csv) files would suit my needs. All tools will import those. I wouldn’t need more than what table data I have access to now. I would NOT want the ability to import these schemas back into bubble. I would eventually destroy my db. It seems like you (bubble) keep us basically normalized from each other, but not from ourselves, which would be insanely difficult.

@bubble Is this something that would be considered a plug in when the marketplace opens?

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Is there a mechanism to do this in 2021?


I would definitely be interested in extracting the DB schema of my App @bubble


See this plugin: [New Free Plugin] Air Database Diagram

Very easy to use and does the above

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