🚘Dealerly - New Car Dealership Template from Zeroqode


Dealerly - is a responsive template for car dealership companies that sell cars, bikes and other vehicles. It also has a blog section, price calculator in case of financing and allows subscription to newsletters. This template can be customized for other use cases, for instance: lawn mowers store, heavy machinery distributor etc.


  • Listings search with filters
  • Fully responsive template
  • Well designed dashboard
  • Newsletter subscription to Mailchimp
  • Micro blog/article page
  • Full item page with price calculation

Live demo: https://autodealer.bubbleapps.io/

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Which API does Dealerly use? What are its capabilities in terms of locating vehicles with particular characteristics like price, mileage, etc.?

Hi @ken, thanks for the good question.

Within the template are used plugins and APIs that ensure a high-quality app functionality, see the list below:


As for the above-mentioned capabilities (vehicle location with particular characteristics like price, mileage, etc.) - these could be added through additional customization with plugins available on the Bubble marketplace (for example - Vehicle V.I.N, Models & Make plugin).

Also, before template purchase, allow me to recommend you the following steps:

  • test the template functionality/design by visiting its Live Demo page: https://autodealer.bubbleapps.io/
  • make sure that you have checked the template documentation to investigate the structure and main features of the current template set up: https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/dealerly-autodealer_template
  • take into consideration that our templates are web apps with a responsive design (they will work and look nice on the desktop and mob browsers);
  • and all our templates are fully customizable, which means it is possible to change almost any design/functional part (solid Bubble skills are needed).

Hope it helps.


Zeroqode Support Team

OK, thanks!

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Dear @ken, you’re welcome!
We will be glad to help with any template or plugin-related questions.
Have a nice day!


Zeroqode Support Team

Hey All,

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just updated our Dealerly - Autodealer | No-Code Template by Zeroqode to the new Bubble Responsive Engine. It’s a fully-responsive app across any user device.

Check out the updated Live Demo for this template: https://autodealer.bubbleapps.io/
Hope it will be useful for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team