Adding changes to a template


I purchased the ‘dealerly’ template on zeroqode, which is for car dealers to sell their vehicles, and I want to turn it into a marketplace where anyone can sell their vehicle.

This is the link for the template:

I only have a few months of using bubble and don’t want to mess up this professionally made template.

I would like to know how much something like this will cost me.

If you need more information before giving me a quote, please just ask.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you!



Messaged you!

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I just sent you PM. Please check

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I purchased the ‘COURSELY’ template on zeroqode, I have problem with youtube link, I am new user and need your help.

Thanks in advance!


Yes sure, please share the full details join me over skype @ live:brianna_1049 so that we can discuss further.

Thank you,

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