Debug Mode contradicts Server Logs?

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to schedule an API workflow, and in Debug Mode it says that it was successfully scheduled.

However, in the Server Logs it says that the action condition has failed, even though Debug Mode said that the action condition did not fail? The scheduled API workflow didn’t end up running, so it looks like Debug Mode is the one that’s providing incorrect information.

Here’s the Schedule API workflow in question. I’ve tried changing the different options on the API workflow and making the parameters optional, but nothing seems to fix it.


Anyone know how to fix this?

Interestingly, when I change the condition from Login's turnstile is "yes" to Login's turnstile is "no", the Scheduled API workflow successfully runs, even though Debug Mode says that Login's turnstile is always yes.

However, when I change Login's turnstile to no, the Scheduled API workflow still runs. So it seems that if the workflow is set to run Only when Login's turnstile is "no", it will run regardless of Login's turnstile’s value.

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