Can't debug backend workflow, what am I doing wrong?

Hello, Im trying to debug my backend workflow so I can get my workflows working in the manner that I want to set them up.

I set up a debug data type, that should receive all data (raw body text) from the callback which is set to the backend workflow. However, that isn’t happening, the debug data type is getting NO information from the backend workflow. Even though, the backend workflow is initalized and has received data to it before.


I want to be able to get the raw body text so I can debug.

Any ideas what to do? I am literally receiving nothing – even though when initializing I received the data AND on the API service I am using, everything is being executed correctly.

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Also, the server logs aren’t even receiving any of the steps from after the callback, such as this ‘create a new debug’.

Initializing the backend workflow worked, I received the callback data. Wonder why it’s not doing it now? I even removed /initalize from the API Connector callback url and still same things.

Tried everything at this point. no clue

probably the condition at the beginning of the workflow resolves to false and is stopping the execution.


Hm , thats an interesting point but I’m not sure if that is the issue.

I’ve even removed ‘Request data’s status is succeeded’, and still received nothing.

So even if it failed it would still send something

Are you scheduling the workflow or are you making an api request to it?

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Making an API request to it from the frontend via button click.

And it is going through successfully. By checking the results on the website of the API I am using – successful result appears there.

Is the workflow set up to run only when authenticated?
if this option is unchecked and you make a direct request to the workflow (not scheduling the workflow) it will not execute.

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I’ve tried with it both checked & Unchecked – same things each time (lack of data coming in). Here is my current settings

in the logs you should see something. Make sure to select the advanced options:

Another thing you can try is making the request from a tool like postman, reqbin ecc, and see what’s the response

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Yes, I have all of these checked.

Isn’t this only useful for initializing? How would I use Postman for debugging my app? All I am really trying to do is this:

User clicks buttont → API Call initalizes → Backend workflow gets callback (Where I am at right now) → Output from this callback is then sent into another API Call that I want to happen automatically on the backend → Result from this 2nd API Call (which would also require another callback too) is then shown on frontend

If you are using a api request (like using the api connector) to trigger your backend workflow instead of using the action “schedule a workflow” and you don’t see in the logs that the workflow is triggered maybe there is some error with the request you are sending. If you read the response message from bubble it can help debug.


Shouldn’t the backend workflow be triggered when the API Request finishes? The backend is just listening for data being received from the API Request. Or is this wrong ?

it’s not very clear what you are doing without screenshots and more info.
Backend workflows are triggered by scheduling them or by making a direct http request if it’s exposed.

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