Debugger Error for Bubble Team?

Has anyone seen this error in the Debugger before?

@Bubble any insight into what it means or the best way to report it?

“Sorry, we have encountered an unexpected error. Please report error code 1568895400992x420424431713417600 to the Bubble team”

Yep I’ve been seeing this a lot the past few days.

I’ve seen that before but not recently, and I don’t recall under what conditions. My suggestion would be to heed the message and submit an official bug report.

If you have an error, use the browser console.log to see more details.
Actually I see a lot of this kind of error and most of them need to be reported to Bubble support.
With the console log, you can provide more information on the issue.

Also, create the bug report with the most information you can on what you are doing when you see this.

You can read this too:


Missed that post - thanks!

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These are actually not new errors, but we’ve made reporting coverage better, so that we can fix all of them. Please report them as bugs.


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