[Backend Change] Changes to our error reporting and logging

Hi all,

As a quick heads-up, we’re deploying some major changes to the way we track errors and log messages in Bubble. This should not have any direct impact to Bubble’s user interface, but you may see differences in the errors that appear in the Logs panel in the editor, in the interactive debugger, and in the javascript console in the browser. So, don’t be alarmed if you see errors that you haven’t seen before.

One difference worth mentioning is that Bubble system errors that appear in the debugger and in the javascript console will have a “code” associated with them (in the javascript console, you may have to expand the object at the bottom of the error to see it). Reporting that code to the Bubble team will help us quickly link errors that you observe with our internal logging and reporting, and will hopefully allow us to address bug reports more quickly.

Although we aren’t deploying this today, this change will enable us to make some improvements to the Logs tab down the line to make it easier for you to find logs of errors that affected your application.