Debugger Not Completing WF

Does anybody have any explanation for this behaviour? It’s making debugging really difficult. Behaviour is different with debugger open vs closed.

In the video below, you can see that with the debugger off, the correct chat window is opened. All good.

Then I refresh the screen and start the debugger. Now the correct chat window doesn’t open and the workflow doesn’t complete. If I try and interact with the app from this point, nothing happens, like the app has crashed.

Any ideas? I’ve noticed in the debugger, once the words “Popup New Conversation (invisible)” become highlighted, the workflow stops and the debugger closes.

NB: I’m using custom states to cause workflows to run across Reusable Elements.

In my experience this is called by a too many actions occurring simultaneously for the debugger to keep up with. It’s super annoying, but it may also mean you need to dig into your setup and simplify some things. It’s also possible your wfs are fine though and it’s just being buggy (the irony).

What you’re experiencing is hung code, which breaks the functionality of the page.

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