Debugger showing me different Request than is being sent

I am using the API Connector to send a POST request, and using a dynamic parameter to populate the “cookie” field.
However, the server is sending a different request than the debugger is showing me.

Below is a picture of the request stopped on a breakpoint I placed on the POST request Action of the workflow:

As you can see, the “cookie” body parameter is properly being populated.
However, when my server receives the request, the cookie in the body of the POST request is “null”.

This is demonstrated by the two images below: The first providing evidence of the request hitting my server, and the second 2 ad-hoc log statements I put to show the request being unpacked.

After experimenting, I discovered that although my body parameters in the POST request definition are defined as dynamic, the API Connector takes whatever the “testing” value was that I currently have in the Parameter box in my POST Action definition, and overrides my dynamic value with that value.

For example, with the Body definition as below is when I have the “null” override described above:

Does anyone know if there is a bug with the API Connector at the moment, or have any other idea why this dynamic value may be getting overwritten?

@emmanuel regardless of if this is due to some error on my behalf or an API Connector bug, I feel it is a bug for the debugger tool to show me a different request body than is being sent to the API.

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