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Imposible to add dynamic params in my POST API request

Hello everybody.

I discover this amazing tool one month ago. I’m just looking to create a dynamic POST request.

When I don’t use dynamic parameters (I create a new field in parameters Key : “Text” Value: coucou its works perfectly) and I receive the sms. When I try to do this or to put a dynamic params in the URL I received and error from the API : “API KEY IS MISSING”.

Please, gods of API and bubble, any hints ? :blush:

Thanks a lot, have a nice day :blush:

Uncheck private on anything you want to be dynamic

Hey @williamtisdale ! I just want to have the key “Text” as a dynamic value and its already unchecked. I’ve already tried with uncheck everything !

Thanks for your answer !

I’ve also had issues with the API Connector when using both the Parameters fields and the Body (JSON object, use <> for dynamic values) fields. I think the issue is that they both do the same thing (setting the payload of the POST request). So you get that “api_key missing” error response because what you set in Body overwrites what you set in Parameters.

I’d remove everything in Body and simply stick to Parameters. If I’m not mistaken, you can still set parameters dynamically that way when using the API call in a workflow.

Hello @julien.roche.bba welcome to the community

This may not be an api connector problem. The recipient api may be returning an error because it is seeing json and parameters yielding some un properly formatted json on their end.

Try either going only body parameters or only json with <> in the api connector. Not both.