Debugger Step by Step show Parameter values sent to backend workflow

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When trying to use the debugger to verify the parameter values sent to a backend workflow, it is not possible as currently those values are not displayed in the step by step mode details of the schedule api workflow action.

It would be very helpful to show those values in the debugger. Currently logs do not prove very helpful as it is normally just list of unique ids if the parameters are custom data types. Would be great to see the dynamic expression and inspect that expression from the debugger to verify why there may be issues with the parameter values sent.


I clicked on your redirection link but couldn’t see your proposition in the idea board.
For me, this debugger is not a nice-to-have but definitely a must-have. I am surprised your post did not get more likes.
In native coding, having a good handover phase is great ; but you still can understand by yourself the code by running it.
On the contrary, with an existing bubble app, it’s almost impossible to test it/understand it when it relies too much on backend.
I am convinced this will be a huge obstacle for Bubble expansion. I would not go with a tech if I know that then I am completely dependent on the initial builder.