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API workflow debugger?

Continuing the discussion from "step by step" debugger mode for API Workflow actions?:

Nobody replied to this…but I think you are correct @cheskiefisch, there is not a debugger in the API workflow. Really frustrating. It should be implemented.


You can implement it yourself (kinda) by writing to a “log” table as you go through the steps.

And also the built in bubble log (which is not the most user friendly thing) can help.

Thanks for the suggestions! Extending the debugger to include API workflows is definitely needed, but I’ll try these ideas in the meantime.


I am running into this also.

How is best to set this up?

Desperately need a way to view what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’ as an api workflow is run/completed…


any update on this? Any workaround?

I need to debug a backend workflow. Any updates on this subject?