Decimal Result to Display a Text

I’ve struggled trying to figure this one out. I have an input box that produces a result of 0.000, 0.125, 0.250, 0.375, 0.500, 0.625, 0.750 and 0.875. I would like to take these specific results and have a text box that can convert these decimals to a fraction (0/8, 1/8, 2/8, etc.) I was thinking of using an option set, but I can’t get the option set to work. Right now I have a set with options 0.000, 0.125, etc that has attributes of 0/8, 1/8, etc. I can’t figure out how to implement it and get to work. Any thoughts, or how am I going about this wrong?

Hi there, @sylteem… if I understand your post correctly, a quick thought that comes to mind is to go the other way with your option set. Have the options be the fractions, and have an attribute (number) that is each fraction’s associated decimal. Then, when the decimal result is produced in the app, get the option from the option set where the attribute matches the result, and I think you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Yes, that seemed to work, thank you

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