Dedicated with Error hitting Google Geocode API: API keys with referer restrictions cannot be used with this API

Hi guys! I’ve seen this topic before, and to be honest, didn’t clear much but I did notice a few replies about dedicated having static IP.

We do have the dedicated, and we had this same setup for months without any issues. I just updated the Google credentials today and we started receiving feedback from users about this error. Most of them have no problem.

  1. In this instance, we are only calling the function for “Current geographic position”. This screen does not have any maps or directions.
  2. We have 2541 active users this month, of which 1482 had no problem with this.
  3. Our credentials have no restriction at all: (I did try the domain but removed it when received this error earlier today).

Has anyone gotten to the bottom of this issue?
Boss is quite upset with Google’s horrible billing dashboard, and we have our highest flow of users in history today x.x

Just as a sanity check did you put the new API keys in your app settings, then deploy so users are using the new ones? (Test in dev environment first though)

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Yes, Tyler. I deployed 3 versions thus far between updating the API keys and now.

Unfortunately, the credentials we were using were from another app and can no longer be used due to accounting & tax issues.