Deep use Booleans Yes/No in Repeating Group

Hi everybody,

I’d like to figure out how to use yes/no custom state in a repeating group (RG). It works when elements are separated in a in repeating group.

But I need a RG to get the best result. My problem is I can’t figure out how to set the borders color of each the shapes in the RG. For i.e: when I click on a shape B (color), the border color change and the border of the shape B turns off and the shape B isn’t selected mode anymore.

I can’t do it because all the shape act the same way. Even I select the shape B, shape A is still selected in RG. I want to autmatically deselect others shapes (B,C,D,A) when I select a specific shape like the shape E .

Image below


Does-it make sense?

Thank you for your help :wink:

You will need a combination of custom states with default option and workflows to toggle states. I would guess around 8 workflows for toggling and about 4 conditional statements.

If you’re unsure, I would suggest to check for some courses on YouTube.

Hi @ulrich_00132, I think you will find it simpler if you change your custom state to a Text type instead of boolean and place each shape inside a group. I’ll run through a sample set up below.

Here’s what you will need for this method.

  • One custom state
  • One conditional
  • One duplicatable workflow

One Custom State

First, make sure you are setting custom state inside the RG Cell. To make this easy we will create a container group inside the RG in which we will place all the groups containing our shapes.


On this container group we will set a custom state called Selected of type Text.

Next, we will create a smaller group inside the container group and name it grpSelected A with Type of content as text and a Data source of “a”. You’ll see why in a second.

One Conditional

Inside the grpSelected A, we will place our shape. You could do this with a background on the group itself but for this example we will use a shape. Add the condition When grpCell Container’s Selected is Parent group’s text and specify the border properties you would like to have when this is the selected shape.

We are almost there. Duplicate grpShape A the number of times you need and change the colors and Data source to match your needs (i.e. a, b, c, d, etc).

Now we have two of the three things we need:

:white_check_mark: One custom state
:white_check_mark: One conditional
:x: One duplicatable workflow

One Workflow that can be copy & pasted

So let’s build our workflow. Select grpSelected A and click Start/Edit workflow. Go to element actions and choose Set state.

The element is the grpCell Container, the Custom state is Selected, and the Value is This Group’s text.

Now all that you have to do is right click on that workflow, copy it, and then simply paste it into workflows for all the other groups you have. Since we are referencing This Group’s text, the value is automatically updated for each group.

That’s It!

If we preview this, it works!
(I changed the border properties from above to make it more visible :slight_smile: )

This is super simple and easily maintainable. Using text on the group and then referencing the group’s text instead of putting the defined text into your workflows keeps your workflow simple to update in the future, especially if you are using these buttons to set values in your database. All you have to do is change the text value of the group and your workflows and conditionals update automatically.

Best of luck!

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