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I have a repeating group and want to highlight the cell border when clicked and there doesn’t seem to be a simple way to do this. Looking at the built in conditions in the below screenshot the is hovered/is pressed work as expected but there isn’t an is ‘clicked’, so basically like the is pressed but stays ‘on’ when unpressed if you get what I mean.

I figured I could probably do this with a custom state and a workflow but is that really the easiest way to do this or am I missing something simple? I have multiple hidden groups in the repeating group which diaplay according to data so this would be pretty inconvenient to have to do this for each group, it seems like it should just be 1 of the default built in conditions right? as I’m sure this must be a frequently required action.


Hi there, @aaron.marsh… for what it’s worth, you are not missing something simple, and a custom state is pretty much the way to go here. With regard to having multiple hidden groups, could you put all of those groups into a main group so you would only have to highlight the cell border on one group?


Hi @mikeloc

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve put both my groups inside 1 group, this basically just shows a different group as I want to alter the layout based on the content displayed, this is a watered down version of my main app but I figured just having separate groups for different content types is the easiest way to go with this.

I’m having trouble with using a custom state to achieve the border select though, which element should I attach the state to for this to work? As I want this to put a border on the ‘selected’ cell the aim would be to remove the border when another cell is selected.

I’ve had 2 attempts, the first attempt selects/un-selects just fine as in if selecting multiple items like you would a check list, and the second attempt I put the custom state in the main repeating group but this acts on all cells at the same time.

Do you have any ideas? I feel like I’m closer with the first solution but not quite, I’ll put a link below if you wana to check it out?


What exactly are you trying to do?.. just change the border of a group inside an RG cell when it’s clicked?

That’s as simple as setting a state when the group is clicked, and adding a condition to change the border when that condition is true…

But, it seems you’ve already done that… so it’s not clear what the issue is now…

Did that not work for you?.. Or is that not what you’re trying to do (in which case what are you trying to do?)

BTW your editor is set to private so no one can access it…

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Check it now, @aaron.marsh … is that what you were trying to do?

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Yeh so when you click a group in the RG it colours the border so the user can see its selected, then when another cell is clicked, it colours that one instead (so un-colours the previous selected one) At the moment I have it working but it doesn’t un-colour the previous one. I only want 1 group coloured at a time so the user can visually see whih was the last one clicked.

Sorry I didn’t realize the app was set to private

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That is almost exactly what I want thanks, except I just want the ‘inside’ groups to be highlighted not the container group if you know what I mean?

Ah I see what you did now, I’ve got it working how I imagined.

Thanks for your help with this much appreciated

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