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Default Value Dropdown


I know this topic appears to have been heavily covered in several posts, but I am having trouble trying to understand it.

I have a dropdown on my page that contains dynamic choices “Option A” and “Option B”… which are stored in my App Data.

While I have no problem with the junction of this dropdown, I just want it to show the default option of “Option A” when the user lands on the page.

I have messed around with the Default Value in the dropdown’s properties, but I just can’t seem to find the correct expression that will select “Option A” as a default value when the page loads.

Any help would be very much appreciated,


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So I thought a simply approach would be to do the following…

Dropdown Type’s Value is > Option A

But I am getting an error message saying that “the default value should be a Journey Type, but right now it is a yes / no

I have checked the Data Type, and it’s defo a text and not a yes/no.

Right, I’ve eventually managed to figure it out…

I’ve tried the expression… Search for Types > :first item instead, and it seems to have done the trick (thankfully, Option A was the first item in the list) and seems to be working great. :grin:

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