Dropdown's default value

I have a dynamic dropdown and I want its default value to be current user’s name but its not working need help with that please suggest me how to do that.

The default value MUST be the same type as the dropdown’s choices type (obviously)…

…which you currently have set as ‘Sign In’ …

So the default value MUST be a valid ‘Sign In’ from your database.

@adamhholmes thanks for your reply. Can u please tell me how can I do that I’m not getting any option to do that what ever I’m trying its not working.

I can’t really tell you that without knowing how your app is built (specifically your database)…

But, presumably, you want to find a Sign In belonging to the Current User, so depending on your database structure, you might use Current User’s Sign In, or if it’s a list then the most recent Sign In etc. - or search for Sign Ins created by the Current User, etc.

It depends how your database is set up (and also exactly what Sign In you want the default value to be)

@adamhholmes sir here is my database image
I have a database for users in which there is a field named “Name” in drop down i want all users name from that data base which is showing ok but I want default value to be current users name which already is in dropdown’s value
I’m not getting any way to do that already tried many things if please can tell me what am i doing wrong here

If you want to show Users in the dropdown then you need to set User ad the dropdown’s Type Of Choices…

currently (in your screenshot) the type of choices is set to ‘Sign In’ - so you’ll need to change that to User if you want it to display Users…

Or are you talking about the ‘Sign In’ database (datatype)…? not the User database?

In which case, it looks as though the Name field is a text?

If that’s the case then you’re probably making things more complicated that they need to be here - it can still work, but you’ll need to search for Sign Ins who’s Name matches the current User’s name…

But I’d recommend redesigning your database to make things more efficient, and having a User field on the Sign In datatype, then just refer to that instead of trying to match text values between the current User and the Sign In datatype.

But, either way should work.

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