Default value not showing for User Field

Hi All,

I`ve created some custom fields for my database and set up default values.

For some reason the default image that is set up does show up but not the default text for the text field.

Would someone be able to help me?

Many thanks!

The set up looks as follows:

Database field type: Image, Field Name: Logo, Default image is set up.

Frontend dynamic data set up: Current User`s Logo

Database field type: Text, Field Name: Company, default text set up

Frontend dynamic data set up: Current User`s Company

The default image does show up but not the default text.

Can you screenshot how you’re creating new Users? It’s possible you accidentally set the Company value when creating a new User.


Many thanks for responding. Please see the attached screenshot for your reference. What Im trying to achieve is to show the default value as a placeholder. It does show the image but not the company field.
For example: Get hired with XYZ Company. The XYZ would be set up as a default value until the user enters the company field value into the database. The same with the logo. The default logo would show up until it changed. It is interesting because the default logo does show up but not the company name.

I understand that you have that right. I’m asking how you actually create new users. The workflows themselves. That’s where the problem probably is.

Well, I didnt create that workflow yet. All Im trying to achive is this:

Textbox - Get Hired With 《current user’s company》

and if the user isnt logged in, it would show the default value. It works with the logo.

Here is what I did for the logo:

image - 《current user’s logo》

I visited the site. it shows the default logo but not the company name when nobody is logged in.

Im more than happy to create a workflow : if the user isnt logged in show this value, however I tought thats the functionallity of the default value for the fields?

and it works for the image but not the textfield.

In other words, all I did is set up 2 fields in the database and created default values for them. In the frontend, I created 1 image field with a dynamic value of current users logo. The 2nd field is a textfield with a mixture of static and dynamic value. The value is: Get hired with 《current users company》 . When nobody is logged in, the default logo that I set up shows up, however the text field only shows: Get hired with. The default value of the dynamic Company field doesnt show up.

I see now. Well from my experience, the default values are used for when a new User’s is created. If you don’t set a value in a field, the default value will take its place.

I don’t believe it’s used for Users who aren’t logged in.

I understand. Because the image is showing, I tought this was the functionallity, but I was wrong. I’ll go ahead and create a workflow for it. Many thanks for explaining the functionallity of default values!