Defeated w/ Microphone Access: InAppBrowser (FB Messenger, Instagram) Limits Access

I feel a bit defeated.

I have an interesting problem that I’m debating on a next step and welcome any insights.

I currently have a series of pages in Bubble that allow a user to record audio via their mic. I’m using the Zeroqode audio plugin, works expected for native mobile browsers that allow mic access (iOS Safari, Android Chrome) and as expected for desktop Chrome & Safari. Works like a charm during testing on desktops – I was overly excited.

However, when the link is opened from a phone app that uses an InAppBrowser like Facebook Messenger or Instagram, the browser doesn’t allow or prompt for access to the microphone, making the service useless and frustrated users. Only found this out when users were sharing (the good part of this story).

What would be a recommendation to move forward so people that get the link via say FaceBook messenger open in the full browser and not a Cordova less feature InAppBrowser? An easy to understand way to direct the user on how to open the link in Chrome/Safari on mobile devices?

Is it time to go full native app? Some clever way to make Bubble its own app that supports audio recording? Check then prompt to open in a browser?

Did you ever figure out a workable solution?

The solution was to detect if the browser had compatibility as a full browser instead of an in app. Just prompted the user to open in the appropriate browser.