Delay when searching (filtering) option set

As I understand it - option sets are not database entries, so in order to search them you must detect a value from an input and check if any option contains the string within the input like so:

This works, however there is a 1 to 2 second delay between typing and filtering. I’ve tried to use various plugins to get the value instantly from the input, but this doesn’t fix the issue. It seems the delay is to do with the filtering itself.

You can see an example here:

Recording 2023-12-11 at 09.56.30

I wouldn’t usually care about such a short delay, but this UI will be used a lot in my app and I’d love for it to be more responsive to improve UX.

It’s odd to me that there’s a delay at all since all option sets are loaded when the page loads…

Is there any way I can reconfigure this so the search is instant? or at least faster than it is now?

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That’s almost certainly got nothing to do with the filter (filtering an option set is basically instant - even with complex filters), and everything to do with the standard 2 second delay Bubble puts on outputting an input’s value after the User stops typing. (most likely on the condition itself).

What exactly did you try in order to get the instant output of the input element? (it should be fairly simple, either with a plugin or some custom JavaScript).

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Thanks @adamhholmes - your repsonse gave me an idea for what the issue might be.

So I’d initially tried using this plugin to watch the input via ID and detect the plugins state in the filter condition, set up like so:

Looking at the filter again, it’s obvious what the problem was now - the constraint wasn’t using the input watchers value, and so it was still delayed by when the input itself reported a value… simple fix:

Search is now instant - thanks again


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