Delete a record whe 2 DB are linked

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How to delete an Unique ID in a list for a field ?

I have two data types “Constructeur” and “Voiture”.
The both DB are linked:

  • Voiture is linked with only one consctructeur thanks the field named : link_constructeur (A car is only Mercedes)
  • Contructeur is linked wiht a lst of Voiture (Mercedes has many cars : Class S, Class E, Class A, etc…) thanks the field named liste_voiture.

The user can add a new car in the DB and define the Constructeur in a dropdown. For the moment, I am okay with that, easy. The Voiture database has recorded the car with the Constructeur’s Unique ID (Field name : Link_to_constructeur) and the Constructeur database recorded the Unique ID in the right field (liste_voiture) to link with the Voiture Database.

I would like to allow to modify the information for the user. For example the user did a mistake and the car is not Mercedes but a Ford.

Below the Workflow I did to make it :

The record for the Voiture Database works, the car is not Mercedes anymore but a Ford.

BUT when we look the Consctructeur database the Unique ID in the field liste_voiture is for Ford and still for Mercedes and I don’t want for Mercedes anymore.

So how could I delete the Unique ID for Mercedes thus the car is not identify as a Mercedes anymore but only a Ford ?

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As you want to remove one entry from a list, you might want to need the “remove” operator in a workflow

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Ok i got it :slight_smile:
Thank you a lot :slight_smile: