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Delete a relationship without deleting the related 2 things

Hello Bubblers;

I have a Type called Supplier with a field Supply which is a list of Supply things.
I have created a relationship so Supplier 1 has Supply 1 (and possibly others) as a supply, looking like this in DB as image

I can’t figure out how to disconnect the two (Supplier 1 from Supply 1 ) without deleting neither the Supplier 1 thing nor the Supply 1 thing…as they may be linked to others things…

Can anybody provide an hint?
Thank you in advance


If you want to disconnect the 2 without deleting either, just remove the ‘Supply’ from the Supplier’s List of Supplies.

So, in your workflow, specify the thing to change (the Supplier), and select the field to modify (the list of Supplies), then ‘Remove’ the specific Supply from the list.

Thank you Adam;
I haven’t managed to make it work…not sure if this is related to the fact that I can’t navigate the relationship between Supply and Supplier in both ways, and why…
So here are a few more details.

I have a Parent repeating group with Suppliers and inside each cell another repeating group with the supplies of the supplier…so far so good.

When I click on the cross icon to remove 1 Supply from the list, (cross icon to which the modify workflow is attached); I have either 1) access to the current cell meaning a supply from which I can’t climb back to the “owing” supplier; or 2) if I want Supplier I have to do a search for Supplier (because I’m on a repeating group of supplies), but then I have no criteria the select the actual supply corresponding to this cell

Isn’t it possible to navigate from supplier to supply and vice versa ??

When I try to start from the Supply (because it’s the element i want to remove from the list) path; I can’t go anywhere else…:

When I do search for, although I picked Modify a thing, the workflow step automatically renames to Modify a list of Things…(Suppliers):

To do a test, I have put an edit icon at the upper level (group supplier containing the supply list), and there I can remove the list of supplies, but it’s the whole list; As I don’t click on 1 specific supply I have no way to pass over the actual supply as an argument


It seems that if I start from the actual supplier I can navigate towards its list of supplies, but if I start from a given supply of its list, I can’t anymore…I don’ understand if it’s because of the link direction (It’s the Supplier which has a List of Supply and not the opposite) or if it’s because of the nested Repeating groups…


You can link A in B, B in A, both, or link A and B in C. But you will need to do two things: 1) define the data structure in the data tab and 2) use modify thing/create thing workflow actions to actually add the thing to be linked. If you only do 1) but not 2) no link will be created.

For example, if a Post can have list of Comments you will need to create a new Thing Comment and then modify Thing Post to add the new Comment to that Post’s list of comments. You can also add the Post to the Comment’s Post.

Thank you Dedpoetnsp,

I think this is what I am doing :slight_smile: . I have managed to populate the list of supplies for a given supplier via:
the data structure is Datatype Supplier has an Attribute Supply which is a list of Supply Thing
then I select one Supplier, send it (show data) to a group where all supplies are listed, then I multi select supplies with check boxes into an temporary State variable to constitute a list, each selection gets added to the list, then I save the whole list to the Supplier’s list of supply… That works just fine

But I can’t do the opposite: removing one item from the list

Any idea?

Hi there, @ludo969… I think I have replicated your situation in an example (if I understand everything correctly), and it is producing the desired result (removing the appropriate supply from a supplier’s list of supplies). I can provide screenshots if that would be helpful, but first, a quick question… in your Things to change dropdown, is there an option a bit further down in the list for Group Supplier (or whatever the supplier group in the first repeating group is called)? If so, that’s the thing you want to change, and the change to make is to remove the Current cell's Supply from the Supply list.

Any of that make any sense? Hope it helps.


Hello @mikeloc

Thanks for helping
Yes there is

The top repeating group is “RG Supplier”.
I can access the list of suppliers, but not the list of supply
Following the use of list of suppliers the closest seems to be image
I have tried various options with items and lists no success

Inside the top repeating group I have the repeating group " RG Supplies of supplier". From which I can select 's List of supplies

Which gives

But whatever I select after it doesn’t work…
List of supplies
List of supplies:minus item current cell’s supply (with or without supply’s name)…
List of supplies:minus list current cell’s supply (with or without supply’s name)…


None is working for the moment
Thank you again

Hope we’ll get there :wink:


Sorry, I didn’t mean the repeating group itself… I mean the group that is showing as Parent group's Supplier's Name in your first screenshot in your second post. I’m assuming you have a group inside the repeating group or that cell would be showing as Current cell's Supplier's Name, right? Can you access that group?

Also, if you are able to share a view-only link to your editor, it might be easier for someone to help by poking around a bit under the hood.

excellent this is working :+1:

Yes I do have a group (the supplier name + a small arrow to display the details groupes together.

THANK YOU all for your help. Appreciated
I will look into making the app available in read for next time


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@ludo969 I am facing exactly same problem. Can you share your readonly version to i can implement? Is your group supplier in the main repeating group? or sub repeating group?