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Updating multiple things

I have a “one to many” relationship between two things, a Master and a Detail. When click a button to delete a Master I want to delete all Details relations to that Master. The relation is stored in a Field of type Master in Details. (I don’t want to delete the actual Detail.) I can’t seem to get it right in the workflow doing the right Action.

If these are stored in two separate things, i.e. the Details thing is not a field within the Master, then simply deleting the Master, should remove the reference in the detail, unless of course you are adding a copy of the Master thing or some way of referencing them, e.g. by an ID value you are storing.

If the latter is the case, then you would need to delete from the Detail all mentions of the master, then delete the master otherwise you will end up with orphaned data references.

Yes they are separate Things. I think the latter approach you are suggesting is the way to go, since I also need to be able to unlink all Details (without deleting the Master). I don’t seem to understand how I setup up that Action in the workflow.

I the picture: Both the Details and the Master are Traveler Things (I have logic so that only one can be Master).

Found it! “Make changes to a list of things”. :blush: